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Welcome to Gen Z Kiosk

Revolutionizing Self-Ordering Kiosks

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Gen Z Kiosk is dedicated to revolutionizing the way Gen Z places orders.


Self-Ordering Kiosk ๐Ÿ’ฏ, Order Ready Display โœ…, Gamified Mobile App๐Ÿ“ฑ

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Discover our range of innovative self-ordering kiosk solutions designed to elevate the customer experience.

Save Cashier Cost

Bubble World Vancouver

At the evening rush, we are able to focus on making orders instead of taking orders.


Customers usually order more than I expected because of the good system design. 


Our monthly revenue increases over 20% with their Gen Z kiosks.

Increase Average Order Size

Cafe Milano UC Berkeley

Their mobile app has been constantly bringing us with incremental revenue on campus.


We just installed their self-order kiosk this month and looking forward to it!!

Double Order Volume from Gen Z

Stout Burger Los Angeles

We've never thought their system could bring us that many new customers. 


Usually, one customer calls their friend(s) to come into our store, placing orders on the kiosk, with the promo code we distributed through the Gen Z kiosk channel.



Gen Z Kiosk

Maggi Point Seattle

There used to be three staff I had to keep in store all the time. 


Now I only need two. 95% of orders come through their kiosk and mobile app.


The Order Ready Display system saves my staff's voice without having to shout out "order #" during the rush.



Self-Ordering Kiosk

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